Unexpected Art

Unexpected Art - art you might not expect to see in places you might not expect to find it.

Unexpected Art specialise in seeking out artists and finding new talent. We are particularly interested in talented contemporary artists that experience barriers to exhibiting their work. This includes parents and carers that have put their art on the back burner, people who have experienced mental health difficulties and people who are extremely talented but haven't had any formal art training. By working in this way, Unexpected Art curates wonderfully vibrant and modern shows and draws out the local talent in our communities.  We showcase this work in pop-up exhibitions, shops and workshops in places that you wouldn't expect to find a collection like this.

Where it all started...

In 2015 Lynette Gray and Donna Strachan launched Unexpected Art. We decided to curate a modern art show in the small town of Dalkeith. We wanted to show how the Dalkeith Arts Centre could be brought to life and held an exhibition, pop-up shop and café during Midfest, Midlothian's art festival. We worked with local architect Douglas Strachan who designed the 'ribbon' installation for displaying art. The community came together to help run the event and the café was full of foraged teas, beautiful Georgian cakes and specialist Chinese tea. The response was overwhelming. In only four days we had over 500 people through the doors. Artists sold work and ran workshops. People would come and stay for hours, it really brought the whole community together. After the exhibition we were invited to the Scottish Seabird Centre, where we exhibited for several months and ran pop-up events and workshops.

Unexpected Art will be running more events in 2017. Please join the mailing list so you can keep updated on our activities and receive invitations to our events.

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