Something Unexpected is Comming to Midfest!

Expect the unexpected as Angelpixielove and Ingingerness bring you a storm of talent from across Midlothian as part of Midfest 2015!

Our idea was to bring together interesting and unusual artists from Midlothian and breath life into the Dalkeith Arts Centre. We are excited to be on the verge of launching Unexpected Art and look forward to welcoming the community for a week long series of events.

The Arts Centre will be filled with workshops every day, as well as evening events. We are re-opening the café during the week with home made cake and drinks made with foraged fruits from local parks and forests. There will also be a shop where people can buy unique products from Midlothian artists. Local businesses have donated goods to be auctioned off at our closing party with the proceeds going to local charity.

All of this is being done with no budget or funding. We have been lucky enough to receive lots of help from local businesses, artists and people who are getting behind the idea. Midlothian Council gave us use of the Dalkeith Arts Centre and it has taken off from there. It just shows how much you can do when people come together and you are given a space to use.

Please have a look through the list of events that you can sign up for. We hope to see you there!

RSVP for events and to book workshops get in contact through our Facebook page or email